Montague Intermediate will soon have its long-lobbied-for new music room. (Linda Ward/CBC)

The union that represents maintenance workers in P.E.I. schools is surprised the province has found the money to expand Montague Intermediate when it seems repairs at other schools are being delayed.

CUPE representatives say whenever they raise the issue of school repairs the money isn't there and they just patch up the problem. Union vice president Gordon Gay said he was surprised to learn that the $1.3 million addition was going ahead in Montague.

"Our case all along, is we by no means begrudge Montague getting a new addition, they should have had one all along," said Gay.

"To find out there was extra repair money, and you've got these issues that are just being slightly addressed, that kind of caught us off guard."   The Department of Education says $1 million was freed up because of lower tenders for the new Spring Park School in Charlottetown. The other $300,000 is coming from the school repair budget.