A school puppy program in Charlottetown is attracting attention from around the Maritimes, and left a favourable impression on a teacher visiting from New Brunswick this week.

The program brings young dogs into Prince Street Elementary School for training by the students. Teachers say the students learn leadership, empathy, and how to problem solve.

School puppy program

Students training the dogs learn leadership and empathy, say teachers at Prince Street Elementary School. (CBC)

Marci Spencer, an elementary school teacher in Doaktown, N.B., heard about the Prince Street School Puppy Project on Facebook and says some teachers at her school want to try something similar. She visited the school Wednesday.

"I was really impressed. I'm a dog trainer myself, and just seeing what the kids have picked up in such a short time and how they interact with the dogs, it just really kind of blew my socks off," said Spencer.

"The thing I was most impressed with, I asked them what they enjoyed the most about working with the dogs and they said that they enjoyed the attention they got from the dogs. So that really fills my heart up."

Another teacher, this time from Nova Scotia, is expected to visit the school later this month.