P.E.I.'s Opposition leader is expressing concern that the superintendent of the English Language School Board is talking about the possibility of shutting down schools.

Steven Myers - custom

There was no talk of school closures when the legislature was in session, says Opposition leader Steven Myers. (CBC)

Cynthia Fleet told CBC News the time has come to consider significant changes to the P.E.I. school system, including school closures, consolidation, and rezoning. But before any discussions begin Fleet said the board is developing a new process for consulting with communities.

Progressive Conservative interim leader Steven Myers was surprised to hear the comments.

"I was certainly shocked this morning when I heard Cynthia Fleet talking about more school closures on the radio. I don't know where this came from," said Myers.

"The minister of education certainly didn't say anything like that whenever we were talking about schools, and the issues with schools, and the cutback of teachers and the cutting of some of the programs to rural schools. He never mentioned that in the house. So I was quite shocked to hear that this morning."

Education Minister Alan McIsaac said there is no agenda for school closures. The board is just developing new procedures.

"There are no plans for it," insisted McIsaac.

"I'm not saying down the road, some years down the road, whenever that might be, there could well be. But at the present time there is no plans for school closures, there is no study being done on it or anything. All they are doing is putting the policy in place."

McIsaac said this was just one of many policies the superintendent was asked to pull together from the two English school boards after they were merged in 2012.

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