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P.E.I English Language School Board superintendent Cynthia Fleet says board is willing to give helmet safety information to schools. (CBC)

The superintendent of the English Language School Board says she supports the work of the Brain Injury Association but Cynthia Fleet said with so many storm days this year, helmet safety presentations from the group cannot be allowed in schools at this time.

The association expressed concern about its request to give presentations being denied. On Friday the group suggested a compromise such as giving helmet presentations during lunch hours. Fleet said that presents challenges as well.

"We would certainly welcome this presentation and the contest. The challenge now is that in our elementary schools with the focus on activities, our students have a very short lunch period in that there is a short time to eat. And when children have finished eating, before or after, they are at play," said Fleet. "So it would be very difficult under those circumstances we know to have an opportunity to speak with children."

Fleet said the school district has suggested the Brain Injury Association provide the written information on helmet safety that can be made available to the schools. 

Fleet noted hundreds of requests come in every year from outside agencies to have access to students during the instructional day. A school board official reviews the requests first. If the activity is approved, then it's up to the individual school principals to make a final decision.