P.E.I. Education Minister Alan McIsaac is asking the trustees he appointed to the English Language School Board last year to decide if trustee elections should be delayed or eliminated altogether.

When the eastern and western boards were amalgamated last year McIsaac appointed trustees rather than scheduling an election. Turnout for elections has been very low, 3.8 per cent the last time voters were called to the polls.

"If the recommendation comes back that we have an election, give us a date [and] how we're going to [increase] the turnout at the polls," said McIsaac.

"They might come back and say no, we'd like an appointed board but that's in their hands. I'm not making a decision on that or giving them any direction with regards to that."

Legislation currently schedules elections for June 2014.

A report on school governance commissioned by government made public just before the boards were amalgamated made several recommendations regarding elections.

  • Lower voting age to 16.
  • No acclamations. Candidates would have to face yes/no vote.
  • Scrap elections if voter turnout remains below 20 per cent for next two elections.

The report also recommended the two school boards not be merged.

McIsaac said the board is considering delaying elections so they can coincide with a municipal vote.

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