A restaurant in Summerside, P.E.I., has started a petition to keep small bottles of lime rickey on the market.

The lime rickey is produced by Seaman's beverages, which up until recently was one of the few family-owned bottlers remaining in the country. In 2002, Seaman's was sold to Pepsi.

Several of the Seaman's flavours were killed shortly after the sale, but lime rickey remained. It still does, but four months ago Pepsi stopped producing it in small bottles.

'Lime rickey is not here for my kids.' -Garner Quain

Garner Quain, the owner of Flex Mussels, is worried lime rickey is being phased out entirely.

"As a kid I loved it because it was bright green, and there was simply nothing else like it," said Quain.

"If you look at their other flavours, there are other orange pops, there are other ginger ales, there are other cream sodas, but there's nothing else like lime rickey."

Last week, Quain started a petition to try to change the company's mind.

Quain says he and his partner want to support the old Seaman's flavours because they are made on the Island. But they also want to be able to offer their customers lime rickey.

"Everybody, every single person we ask is very happy to sign it. People from away, people from the Island, people from all over the place are signing it.

"For a lot of people that are now returning to the Island with their kids for the first time, they're introducing their kids to it and saying, 'When I came to this Island when I was a little kid, I drank lime rickey,' and now I'm bringing my kids here and lime rickey is not here for my kids," adds Quain."So we see a lot of parents talking to their kids and explaining what lime rickey was for them."

Quain has 60 signatures on his petition. No one from Pepsi'spublic relationsfirm was available for an interview.