A University of Waterloo professor is on P.E.I. this week with a team of students exploring how to protect Charlottetown's heritage properties from climate change.

Professor of urban planning Luna Khirfan said conservative estimates predict a significant portion of the city will succumb to sea level rise and flood surges. Province House, perhaps the city's most significant historic site, is only a couple of meters above sea level.

There are three options for the 250 identified heritage sites, she said.

  • Move them away from the rising water.
  • Protect against rising water.
  • Let them be submerged.

"If we work hard, I think we can protect all of them," Khirfan said.

"Canadian heritage is extremely important, and Charlottetown is important for its own residents and for the province, but it is also important for Canada's history."

Khirfan is looking for input from the community on what the priorities should be. She is holding community feedback sessions Wednesday and Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at The Spot on Water Street in Charlottetown.


Province House in Charlottetown is only a couple of meters above sea level.