The city seized more than a dozen sandwich boards from Charlottetown's downtown in July. (CBC)

The City of Charlottetown is claiming success in its efforts to get control of sandwich boards on sidewalks in the city's downtown.

In July the city rounded up more than a dozen illegal signs it said were blocking sidewalks in the downtown core. It said those signs could cause problems for people with mobility issues.

At the time there were only two legal signs. The city has now approved 53 applications for sandwich board signs.

The signs have to be placed right beside the building, not in the middle of the sidewalk. Coun. Rob Lantz, chair of the city's planning committee, said the city is giving stores a little leeway for the advertisements.

"My reading of the bylaw says that these aren't even supposed to be on the sidewalk," said Lantz.

"I think the city's shown a fair amount of flexibility on this issue in allowing people to have them as long as they're pushed up against the side of the building and not impeding access on the sidewalk."

He said signage in the city is regulated so it does not become a public safety issue.

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