Salvation Army breakfast program numbers double

Use of the Salvation Army's weekday breakfast program in Charlottetown has doubled.

Use of the Salvation Army's weekday breakfast program in Charlottetown has doubled.

People are coming to the Salvation Army breakfast program for fellowship as well as food, says Capt. Jamie Locke. (CBC)

Captain Jamie Locke told CBC about 200 people are dropping by the Friendship Room for a light meal of coffee, tea and muffins every week.

"A lot of times it's people who are clients who access some of our other services such as the food bank or the Bedford MacDonald House, or just any of our referral services that we offer here," said Locke.

Locke added the free food isn't the only thing attracting people.

"It's also a time of fellowship. It's a place to get warm, and to have the support of us, our staff and our volunteers here, as well as each other. It's a time when we see a lot of great conversations happening and people doing their best to support one another," he said.

Locke said anyone is welcome to drop by the Friendship Room at the Salvation Army church on Fitzroy St. between 9 and 11:30 a.m. on weekdays. Once a month a hot breakfast is offered.


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