A Charlottetown store owner who ignored police warnings to stop selling illegal knives has been sentenced to four months house arrest.

Police raided Bladez on two separate occasions in 2011 and seized hundreds of spring-loaded knives, also known as switch blades. In the first raid Charlottetown city police seized nearly 200 of the weapons. They warned the store owner, Thomas Gallant, now 43, that the knives are illegal.


More than 200 illegal knives were seized from the Charlottetown store Bladez in 2011. (Charlottetown police)

Gallant promised to stop selling them.

A few months later, acting on a tip, police were back. They found dozens more.

Gallant admitted he was selling the knives under the counter for cash. He told police they were best-selling items.

In provincial court Monday Judge John Douglas told Gallant he used up his second chance, and that by selling under the counter, Gallant clearly knew it was wrong.

Gallant told court he's sorry. He pleaded guilty to possession of prohibited weapons. A more serious charge of trafficking in prohibited weapons was put aside.

Gallant had no previous criminal record. In addition to the house arrest, he is banned from possessing weapons for 10 years.

Bladez is now closed.