The P.E.I. government hopes to finalize a sale of the Links at Crowbush Cove this week, says Tourism Minister Rob Henderson.

Crowbush is one of four golf courses owned by the government. They have all been up for sale for several years.

Rob Henderson - Custom

Tourism Minister Rob Henderson says the sale is complicated, involving a number of players. (CBC)

Henderson would like to close the sale this week, but he said nothing is guaranteed.

"I would feel that we are getting close, but until we have an actual memorandum of understanding signed and in place, and at this point we have none of that currently done," he said.

There have been a number of land purchases and consolidation in the area recently that may be connected to the negotiations.

The government has bought about 24 hectares from the adjacent Gunn family estate. It was disputed land and the courts have had to settle exactly where the boundaries are between the estate and the golf course.

Henderson said acquiring that land does make Crowbush a more attractive package.

In October, cabinet approved the sale of 26 hectares of land previously acquired from the Gunn family to an Ontario company called the AppleCross Group. That same day, another 26 hectares of Gunn family land was sold to two non-residents: James Piper and Kathryn Ann McCain.

This is land is along the coast, west of Crowbush, a large section of brush, marsh, cleared farmland and woods.

There are also questions about the future of the Rodd Crowbush Resort. It sits on government land right next to the golf course.

"Once again, that's why it's such a precarious and difficult arrangement to conclude," said Henderson.

"There are a number of different parties that are involved."

A potential deal raises questions and concerns for tourism critic James Aylward, who thinks there should be public consultation.

"We have at least 100 jobs that are at stake here," said Aylward.

"We have no answers we have no information as to what this government is doing and what kind of deal they're striking."

Henderson said the public will be well informed upon completion of a deal.