Edouard Blanchard

The Farmers' Bank of Rustico was a favourite project for Edouard Blanchard. (Submitted photo)

Noted P.E.I. historian Edward Blanchard, a cornerstone of the North Shore community of Rustico since he was born almost a century ago, has died.

Judy MacDonald was a friend of Blanchard's for more than 20 years.

"I think he was involved in every single community organization," said MacDonald, "but I think his great love was the Farmers' Bank, because that's the one he held on to until the very end."

The Farmers' Bank of Rustico was established in 1864. Its reasonable loan rates for farmers were a cornerstone of prosperity for the community in the late 19th century. Blanchard was part of group that worked to restore the building and have it opened as a museum in 2000.

Along with the Farmers' Bank, Blanchard was involved in his church. He played the organ and chronicled the history of the parish.

Blanchard was 95 years old.