Runners in Nova Scotia and P.E.I. are taking to the streets Sunday.

In Cape Breton, the 8th annual Fiddlers Run started Sunday morning.

Race director David Gabriel said the event was established in 2005 to promote healthy living.

“We want to promote wellness in the community through running,” he said. “It's the actual act of running that's part of it, but also that community that grows the community of runners.”

Gabriel said the community extends beyond the weekend run.

“There are little communities of runners that train together and run together. The friendships that develop over the years all build community,” he added.

About 600 people are running in Cape Breton.

2,600 in P.E.I. Marathon

In Charlottetown, 2,600 runners are crossing the finish line for the 10th Prince Edward Island Marathon.

The route goes from Brackley Beach on the North Shore to Charlottetown.

11-year-old Tyler Heggie wanted to run in his home province, but is too young. The boy flew to Toronto to run in that marathon Sunday instead. 

Runners must be 16 or older in the P.E.I. Marathon.

"Obviously I am a little disappointed that I couldn't do my hometown one, but at the same time I'm half-happy too," he said. 

He ran the entire island this summer, which equalled seven marathon in seven days. He raised money for multiple-sclerosis, a condition his mother has.