Meaghan Blanchard performs for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. (CBC)

Media all over the world are reporting an embarrassing pronunciation error made by a P.E.I. musician during the royal visit to the Island on Monday.

Meaghan Blanchard was one of a select few invited to perform for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at Dalvay by-the-Sea. When Blanchard thanked the royal couple for coming, she meant to say duke and duchess, but the "k" sound at the end of duke came out like the "ch" in duchess.

"Oh my goodness," Blanchard said immediately after calling Prince William "the dooch."

"That did not happen."

While the slip was entirely a non-word, some heard it as a derogatory term — douche. The royal faux-pas was reported around the world, from the Daily News to the Huffington Post.

"I felt bad at the moment, but I'm proud that I did pick it up and keep going," Blanchard told CBC News Tuesday.

"It won't weigh on me, it'll just be something to tell the kids."

While the mistake was embarrassing, Blanchard said it is giving her even more publicity than she expected from her royal performance.