At least four of Rowing P.E.I.'s fleet of boats and the group's new boat trailer were crushed over the weekend after a barn roof collapsed under heavy snow in Stratford.

The boats had been stored in the metal barn every winter since the club started in 2010.

The barn roof collapsed some time overnight Sunday. The extent of the damage isn't known because it's too dangerous to move any of the boats or the trailer, according to the rowing club.

Rowing P.E.I. purchased the trailer last year and had only used it for three days before loading it for storage in the barn.

Two racing sculls used for training youth were destroyed, as well as two of the club's coastal boats.

The dome-like structure of the barn was presumed to be the safest possible in terms of holding up under snow.

"[We] thought we were in the right structure," said the group's president, Mike Gibson.

Gibson will be meeting with insurance representatives later this week. Replacing the four boats and trailer could cost around $50,000, Gibson estimates.