Route 2 fully open following transport truck accident

A section of Route 2 in West Prince partly reopened Thursday evening after police closed a stretch when a transport truck carrying ammonium nitrate rolled on its side at the O'Leary roundabout.
A transport truck carrying ammonium nitrate rolled onto its side Thursday morning at the O'Leary roundabout in Woodstock. (CBC)

A section of Route 2 in West Prince is fully reopened after police closed a stretch earlier in the day when a transport truck carrying ammonium nitrate rolled on its side at the O'Leary roundabout.

The evacuation zone has also been lifted.

The accident occurred at 11:30 a.m. and a large area around O’Leary was blocked for hours.

The truck was the only vehicle involved and there were no injuries.

RCMP said the chemical is in a granular form, and was not leaking from the truck. There was a small diesel spill but that has been contained.

RCMP shut down the intersections of routes 2 and 14 in Coleman Corner and routes 2 and 143 at Howlan Road. Businesses and homes within 400 metres of the accident were evacuated.

"The Hazmat team from the fire department has been on scene," RCMP Sgt. Andrew Blackadar said.

"They determined that there was no contamination or no mixture of any diesel fuel and the ammonia nitrate, which was a concern initially that had the two mixed it may have been quite volatile.

The power was also shut off earlier this afternoon as a precaution, but has been restored.


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