White crosses mark the site of an accident at Poole's Corner. (CBC)

A Liberal government would start construction this year of a roundabout at the intersection at Poole's Corner in eastern P.E.I., Leader Robert Ghiz announced Tuesday.

Ghiz noted municipal leaders in the area have been lobbying for the change in an effort to improve traffic flow and safety. He said the roundabout would cost $1.2 million. The money would come from the existing capital budget.

Ghiz described the plan as a significant piece of highway infrastructure that would serve as a gateway to Georgetown, Montague and Souris.

Georgetown Mayor Lewis Lavandier said there were no concrete plans, but he hoped the project would go ahead.

"They didn't really come up with any solid plans but they did give us some encouragement that they would try and do something within the next year or so. We didn't expect it to be announced so early," he said.

Ron MacKinley, the candidate for District 16 who served as transportation minister in the last government, said it was in the works all along.

"We have got the planning done. It takes time to plan. People can say what they want, but the two members down in this area have been pushing and pushing to get it done," he said.

Greg Farrell, the Conservative candidate for District 3, said MacKinley had plenty of chances to build the roundabout when he held the transportation post.

"It's last minute, that's for sure. They had four years to do what needed to be done and $175 million in infrastucture that they spent in three years that they were supposed to spend in seven," he said.

Ghiz and MacKinley said the announcement for the project had nothing to do with the ongoing election.