Carey Wood

Carey Wood, of Olde MacKenzie Farm, says they were surprised by how fast people responded to their crowdfunding campaign. (CBC)

A crowdfunding campaign has helped a Rose Valley couple raise all the money needed to rebuild their greenhouse and tunnels, which were destroyed by last week's storm.

Carey and Jeff Wood, owners of the Olde MacKenzie Farm, lost about $2,000 worth of produce when the structures collapsed.

A campaign on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo has surpassed their goal of $7,500.

The couple has received donations from as far away as California.

"It's coming along amazingly," said Carey Wood.

"I was surprised how fast we had a response and the community came together. We were going to move the tunnels this spring anyway, but we're building them stronger, in a different location. They're going to be more of a mini-greenhouse."

Vegetable production will be stalled for several weeks.

The couple will not begin rebuilding until the end of April, after materials come in, and when the ground is no longer frozen.

The list of those already waiting to receive the farm's community-supported agriculture veggie boxes will also be affected.