The Opposition says P.E.I. Fisheries, Aquaculture and Rural Development Minister Ron MacKinley charged more than $8,200 in meals on his government credit card between October 2011 and December 2013.

The Opposition released the information after making a Freedom of Information request on the credit card charges of all Liberal government ministers.

Opposition leader Steven Myers says MacKinley's food costs are the highest.

'When you can't buy your own cup of coffee, your own Big Mac and your own bucket of chicken and you make $115,000 a year, I have a problem with that.' - Opposition leader Steven Myers

CBC News reviewed the credit card statements provided by the Progressive Conservatives, and the figure of $8,200 appears to be accurate.

Ron MacKinley's office says its own records show the total is around $7,200.

The slips show MacKinley purchased fast food from chains such as McDonalds, Tim Hortons, Subway and KFC on more than 65 occasions, totalling more than $850.

In one instance, a credit card slip shows MacKinley spent $46 on a 15-piece bucket of chicken at a KFC drive-thru.

3 or 4 car washes a month

In the documents, that expense is described as a "dinner meeting to discuss governmental issues."

"When you can't buy your own Big Mac and you can't buy your own bucket of chicken and you make $115,000 a year, I have a problem with that," said Myers.

Steven Myers - custom

Progressive Conservative Opposition leader Steven Myers says taxpayers should be outraged about MacKinley's expenses. (CBC)

"It's ridiculous and taxpayers should be outraged."

The credit card slips also show charges at restaurants such as Sam's in Cornwall, Maggie's in North River, Red's Corner at Poole's Corner and the Merchantman Pub in Charlottetown.

The charge slips indicate they were for meetings to discuss constituency or governmental issues.

Many of the credit card slips also show charges for car washes. MacKinley went through car washes three or four times a month on some occasions, and charged $11 to $13 each time on his government credit card.

"It screams at how entitled this goverment is," said Myers.

MacKinley is in Calgary at a meeting of fisheries ministers and said he will be glad to comment on the issue when he returns to his office on July 11.

Premier Robert Ghiz was at a meeting of Francophonie ministers in Brudenell and was unavailable for comment.

For mobile device users: Was the Opposition's claim of $8,200 in 27 months in expenses too much for Ron MacKinley to charge to a government credit card for meals?