Some organic farmers on P.E.I. are hoping rock dust from New Brunswick quarries will enrich their soil with minerals and nutrients.

Basalt rock is rich in a number of important elements, such as selenium and boron. Ground into a fine powder, that rock can release those elements into the soil.

Amy Smith, co-owner of Heart Beet Organics in Darlington, near Hunter River, said the soil on the Island is deficient in many micronutrients.

"One way to get the nutrients back into the soil is to use rock dust," said Smith.

"That's just a byproduct, basically, of the quarry industry. [You] apply that rock dust onto the soils - so that it can get back into the soil and then ultimately back into the plants - which are good for us."

Smith's order of rock dust came in earlier this week. She says other Island organic farmers are also interested in ordering some.