Some P.E.I. voters have complained about automated phone calls from Conservative MP Peter MacKay on election day, but Elections Canada says they are not illegal.

'I was just wondering if that was allowed on election day.' — Hank Spierenburg

The calls urge Islanders to vote Conservative in order to have a P.E.I. voice at the cabinet table. Currently, all the Island MPs are Liberal and MacKay, a Nova Scotia MP, represents the province in cabinet. The Island has not sent a Tory MP to Ottawa since 1988.

Betty McNab and Hank Spierenburg received calls after the polls opened Tuesday morning.

"It concerns me that at a time that people are finally getting ready to do something, he's intercepting, taking advantage," said McNab.

"I found that it was very imposing and I found that it was unfair for him to be doing that."

Spierenburg said the call was a recording asking for him to vote against the carbon tax, to vote Conservative, and then the machine hung up.

"I was just wondering if that was allowed on election day," he said.

According to Elections Canada officials, it is. The calls do not count as advertising, which is banned on election day.

"The robotic phone calls, while they may be annoying, are not considered advertising," said Elections Canada spokesman Dana Doiron.

"It's using technology to replace a normal person-to-person communication."

Voters in at least two P.E.I. ridings received the automated calls Tuesday.

MacKay, who is deputy leader of the Conservative party, is up against Green party Leader Elizabeth May in his own riding of Central Nova.