A well-known name has entered the race for the Liberal nomination in Egmont. Robert Morrissey, a former provincial cabinet minister, wants to be the next federal representative. 

Morrissey spent 18 years as a provincial politician, but didn't re-offer in 2000.

In 2008, he withdrew as the nominated federal Liberal candidate for Egmont. At the time, he cited a number of new opportunities in the private sector as the reason why. He explained that decision further on Tuesday.

“I became disillusioned with the direction the Liberal party was heading in at that time,” he says. “I couldn't agree with some of it and so I made a decision to return to the private sector.”

Now Morrissey says he wants to be a candidate because of Justin Trudeau. He says it’s also because of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's policies on Employment Insurance and social programs.

“I don't think it’s fair to be continually raising the age for old age pensions,” he says. “The whole social safety envelope that this country is known for and built, is slowly being dismantled by the Harper government.”

Morrissey has a lot of competition for the nomination.

The President of the P.E.I. Teachers Federation, Gilles Arsenault has already announced his intention to run, as has Summerside businessman, Robert Gallant.