This road in Hunter River remains open, but in other areas a combination of soft, thawing ground and heavy rain led to closures. (CBC)

The P.E.I. Department of Transportation has closed several roads damaged by heavy rains Wednesday night.

The province says that with the ground soft with the spring thaw, the roads were more susceptible to the rain.

Detours have been set up on the following roads:

  • County Line Road, Route 232 between Emerald & Shamrock
  • Route 6, Cavendish Road, from Rustico to Route 13 in Cavendish
  • Route 6, Portage Road, from Route 15, Brackley Pt Road, to Route 223, Winsloe Road
  • Tobin Road, between Route 1 and Route 10 in Tryon
  • Simpson Mill Road in Stanley Bridge is down to one lane of traffic.
  • Route 225 in St. Ann is down to one lane of traffic.

Transportation officials are advising drivers that a number of unpaved roads are also experiencing water problems or are very soft. It is recommended motorists take alternate routes to avoid unpaved roads, if possible.