Litter on P.E.I. roadways can be hazardous to cyclists, warns a Nova Scotia man after his close friend was thrown off her bike when it hit an empty beer can last week.

Mike Nicholson, formerly of P.E.I., says his friend was travelling about 45 km/h down a steep hill when her front tire hit the beer can.

Her tire locked and she was thrown headfirst onto the ground. 

Nicholson says his friend was knocked unconscious.

"I think awareness for people who might just casually throw something out of the car window, that something like this really is so easily avoidable just by people keeping their trash inside their car and dealing with it when they get home," said Nicholson.

"This was a real close call."

Nicholson's friend is now recovering at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre.

Nicholson says he's visited the woman and although she is feeling much better, she doesn't remember the accident. 

People caught littering on P.E.I. can face up to a $300 fine.