A P.E.I. author and his wife have donated about 50 hectares of sensitive land to form a nature reserve along the Morell River.

James Munves and Barbara Parsons loved their land so much they felt the best thing to do was to give it away.

"We love the place. We're very happy that for many years it will remain as it is," said James Munves.


James Munves and Barbara Parsons felt it was time to pass the land on to someone else to care for. (CBC)

James Munves is originally from New York, and his wife from England, but they fell in love with the Island.

"We came here with the idea of getting some land that we'd restore and leave to nature," he said.

Farmers showed interest in growing on the land, but the couple never allowed them to use pesticides, so there was no development. Natural vegetation flourished, and rare birds call it home. Now, with James Munves past his 91st birthday, he and his wife decided to turn it over to Island Nature Trust.

Trust executive director Jackie Waddell said receiving such a large parcel of land is significant.

"If we continue to use the land the way we're using it, and not just agriculture but other activities as well, these natural areas may be little spots in between those huge areas," said Waddell.

"It's important to get some larger areas protected."

Keeping the natural vegetation on the land will help preserve the Morell River as well, said Waddell.

Locals will have a chance to visit the protected area, which they can do by contacting Island Nature Trust.

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