Pedicab operators should have to wear helmets, the Brain Injury Association of P.E.I. says.

Laws require bicyclists to wear a helmet, but three-wheeled rickshaws or pedicabs don’t fall under those rules.

Josh Coles runs a pedicab in Charlottetown. He gives people guided history tours and transit around town. He doesn’t wear a helmet.

“It's a business decision, it's a personal safety decision. I feel very comfortable on the vehicle,” he said.

“It's common to exempt pedicabs and whatever they call them in different places, because they're not bicycles first of all, and they're built to be very stable. I just assumed it wouldn't be an issue because it wasn't in the law.”

One wrong bump

Kenneth Murnaghan, president of the Brain Injury Association of P.E.I., said the law should change.

“All he needs to do is hit a wrong bump, you know pull out in front of a car, and it could end his career for life,” he said.

Murnaghan suffered a brain injury himself, and became an advocate for helmet safety.

“With all that I've been doing, it feels like the rug's been pulled out from underneath me,” he said.

Coles still disagrees.

“I think just by wearing a helmet, it might suggest that it's unsafe and it also presents a few logistical issues, too,” he said.

“Would passengers think they were expected to wear them? And if they were, would I have a selection of helmets that wouldn't fit them?”

The Brain Injury Association continues to press for changes.