Josh Cole's pedicab

Josh Coles plans to provide historical tours of Charlottetown in this bike rickshaw this summer. (Josh Coles)

A Charlottetown man is putting his UPEI history degree, and his legs, to work in the city this summer.

Josh Coles has purchased a bike rickshaw, known as a pedicab, and is planning on giving historical tours of the city.

Coles said the history studies will help with informing people about the city, and he's not worried about being strong enough to tow people around.

"Luckily, as you know, people from Charlottetown know, it's not that hilly of a city," said Coles.

"I've kind of made a point of planning my route around any major hills."

Coles has not yet set a fee for his tours.

A city bylaw has to be amended before the business can start. Rickshaws are allowed on Charlottetown streets, but pedicabs are not included in the current bylaw. Coles expects that change will go through in about a week.