Following a safety review that led to the replacement of many end-of-driveway mailboxes, the P.E.I. Department of Transportation is setting its own guidelines for the safety of the new super mailboxes.


Some are complaining the new mailboxes are less safe than the old ones. ((CBC))

Canada Post has been putting up dozens of the new community boxes on P.E.I. It conducted a review that found it was unsafe for its carriers to deliver mail to many of the province's roadside mailboxes, all part of a review of the country's 843,000 roadside mailboxes.

In Stratford, P.E.I., 500 of 1,300 mailboxes were declared unsafe, and were replaced with community mailboxes.

Once the P.E.I. Department of Transportation develops its own guidelines, Canada Post will begin another assessment, this time looking at the safety of the new community boxes.

New boxes prompt safety complaints

But not far from Stratford, on the Brackley Point Road, which runs north out of Charlottetown, residents have been complaining that the community mailboxes are no safer than the ones they replaced.

Veronica Brown's new community mailbox is located right next to her old mailbox in front of her home on Brackley Point Road. Brown told CBC News Canada Post said her mailbox was too close to the road, and the new one is farther back by less than a metre.

'It was just kind of ironic that theirs is closer to the road.' — Jeannie Gallant

But unlike her mail carrier, who reaches through the car window, people picking up their mail at the new box have to get out of their car. There's only the shoulder to park on, so they're stepping out onto the highway.

"With cars trying to pull in one after another on an icy road, there is potential there for big problems," said Brown.

Farther down the road, Jeannie Gallant said she was told her mailbox was too close to an intersection, so Canada Post replaced it with a community mailbox that was even closer to the intersection.

"It was just kind of ironic that theirs is closer to the road, but ours is still considered unsafe," she said.

Canada Post said there are guidelines for where community mailboxes can go, but it can't say those have been followed in every case.