A retired nurse on P.E.I. is building pine caskets to provide an option for Islanders looking to cut down on funeral costs.

Jim Adams, who also has experience as a furniture maker, told CBC News he met a number of families while he was working in a nursing home who struggled with the costs of caskets.

"It became clear to me that some of the people did not really want to have to buy these fancy caskets that the local funeral homes are offering, but they really had no choice," said Adams.

"I thought that, maybe if I came up with an alternative. And what I've come up with is very similar to what people had been using up to before the Second World War."

Adams said the pine boxes he makes have carrying handles with a satin bottom. They hold up to 300 pounds.

At about $1,000, Adams's caskets are considerably less expensive than most caskets on the market.

Adams said he tells customers to clear the purchase with whatever funeral home they dealing with.