New restaurants wanting liquor licences may soon have more options about where they can set up shop in Charlottetown.

Restaurants with liquor licences that are also entertainment establishments, such as nightclubs, aren't allowed to be built within 100 metres of certain properties such as schools, group homes, daycares and residences.

However, the current restrictions make it harder for some restaurants to get a liquor licence, says planning and heritage committee chairman Rob Lantz.

Tuesday night, the committee discussed proposed changes to the zoning and development bylaw that would make it easier for restaurants to get a liquor license near one of those properties.

"So, I think what we're doing is using some common sense here and we've separated the definitions of an entertainment establishment, which will now be defined as those large entertainment complexes, bars, and we've separated that from an eating establishment, which is now defined as those restaurants that just happened to have a liquor license," said planning committee chairman Rob Lantz.

The committee will discuss the changes again before bringing the changes to council for a vote.