The P.E.I. provincial budget should focus on helping Islanders who are having trouble making ends meet, says independent progressive conservative MLA Olive Crane.

Olive Crane - custom

Olive Crane wants to see help for people with modest incomes in P.E.I.'s provincial budget. (CBC)

Finance Minister Wes Sheridan will bring down his 2014-15 budget on Tuesday.

Crane said she'd like to see a home heating rebate for Islanders with modest incomes and an increase to the food allowance for families on social assistance. She would also like essential heating products such as propane and electricity exempted from HST, as heating oil is.

"This has been a really tough year on many Islanders, whether that's somebody that's trying to heat their home or whether that is somebody trying to get to work for employment, it's tough on Islanders," said Crane.

"What I would really like to see is government invest some of the dollars that they have taken in HST and increased fees, and put some of that money back in the pockets of ordinary Islanders."

Crane is also looking for a program to help Islanders who have to go out of province for health services and can't afford the costs of travel, accommodations and food.