A group that is working to help Syrian refugees settle on P.E.I. is looking for spare tools to make up tool kits for newcomers.

Organizers with the Welcome Project say newly arrived Syrian families have been asking for tools to do simple repairs around the house.

"It's kinda been brought to our attention by several families, interested in starting their own tool kits in their homes," said Hannah Jones, the co-ordinator for the Welcome Project.

"No different from you and I and what we'd have in our own toolboxes in our homes; hammers, screw-drivers, pliers, every day tools we need to fix small things in our homes and our apartments."

Hannah Jones

Welcome Project co-ordinator Hannah Jones in the P.E.I. Association for Newcomers to Canada warehouse. (Krystalle Ramlakhan/CBC)

They can use everything from one tool to the entire kit, Jones said.

"If someone were kind enough and generous enough to come forward with a full tool kit, that would be fantastic," she said. "But if people have individual tools, or excess tools of their own, or they have a spare tool box, we'd be glad to accept all the parts, and be able to kinda put them together ourselves."

Donations can be dropped off on Saturdays at 1 Queen St. in Charlottetown from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.