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The Canadian Red Cross' health equipment loan program is expanding on Prince Edward Island, thanks to an increase in provincial funding in this week's budget.

The program loans out medical equipment such as wheelchairs and walkers to Islanders free of charge. The only pick up location is in Charlottetown, but it will now be expanding to communities across P.E.I.

The funding will mean more and different types of equipment will be available, including things like power-assisted beds. 

"People are getting older and they do need help and research shows of course that people are happiest when they're in their own homes," said Laura Montigny, provincial director of the P.E.I. Red Cross.

"So how can we work together with the system to make that happen so people have the tools they need in their homes to stay happy and to stay safe."

The Red Cross is currently building partnerships with local pharmacies, hospitals and community centres to make the program accessible for all Islanders.