Music lovers on Prince Edward Island are joining others across North America who are venturing down to their favourite record stores.

Saturday is Record Store Day, a chance to shine the spotlight on those who run, manage and contribute to the independent stores.

Back Alley Music in Charlottetown had live music, a barbecue and special releases to mark the occasion.

"Ever since I've loved music I’ve loved records,” said customer Ryan Gallant. “A record actually vibrates and puts out the true vibration whereas digital is just a representation of that."

Back Alley owner Pat Deighan said Record Store Day is a chance to celebrate records and how much people love them.

"Records are back, they've won the battle,” he said. “CDs are still around, but I do see a day when CDs probably won't be around. But records are here to stay."

The band Metallica kicked off the very first Record Store Day in San Francisco in 2008. Celebrations are held each year on the third Saturday of April.