The Summerside Lobster Carnival has been renamed the Lobster Festival and organizers promise a bigger event.

The midway carnival rides and games, along with the lobster dinners, are gone, but the new festival will have concerts and kid-focused events. It’s now held on the waterfront, where a big tent hosts entertainment.

It started with a lobster-themed parade Monday. There will also be a sandcastle building event, a kids' area with bouncy castles, a lobster trap challenge and a youth talent competition. 

'There's no doubt about it. There was a need for change.' - Tim Gillis

"The biggest change we have this year is that we've moved everything down to the waterfront,” said Don Quarles, the festival’s executive director.

“I know in the past, they've just tried new things every year and new people and of course there's a learning curve every time you do that."

The Go Lobster theme sees 18 restaurants featuring lobster dishes.

Tim Gillis attends every year.

"There's no doubt about it. There was a need for a change,” he said.

The city took over the event this year. It's the first time the festival has had one dedicated organizer.

Quarles hopes to renew the week-long event, which saw a decline in attendance and interest in recent years.

The festival wraps up on Sunday.