Prince Edward Islanders driving a newly opened section of the Trans-Canada Highway west of Charlottetown are enjoying it a bit too much, and RCMP are warning them to slow down.

Const. Jeffery Dow

A number of speeding tickets have already been issued along the new highway, says Const. Jeffery Dow. (CBC)

"Better alignment and new asphalt is making for increased speed in both directions," said Const. Jeffrey Dow in a news release.

The new section of highway at Bonshaw just opened Monday, but RCMP say radar enforcement has already caught a number of motorists travelling at speeds well above the posted limit, including some in construction areas.

RCMP are continuing to keep a close watch on the new highway, and warn that fines can be particularly high in construction zones.

Residents experiencing a new quiet

While motorists are roaring along the new stretch of the Trans-Canada, people living on the old route are experiencing something entirely new.

Jolene Willis

Jolene Willis and her family are looking forward to enjoying quieter times on their property. (CBC)


Rick Worth, who has lived on the Trans-Canada in Bonshaw for 15 years, told CBC News it is going to take some getting used to.

"Extremely quiet. It's a whole different lifestyle than what we're used to," said Worth.

"There's a constant roar that comes off the highway, and since the road has been closed down, it's just quiet."

Jolene Willis and her children are enjoying the experience.

Old Trans-Canada Highway

Once one of the busiest highways on P.E.I., this section of the Trans-Canada Highway is now virtually deserted. (CBC)

"I kind of like that the kids will be able to go out with their bikes and for walks," said Willis.

"We have a gravel driveway so it's not a whole lot of fun when you're on your bikes."

But the quiet is not good news for Miller Choi, owner of Bonshaw Amusement Park. The attraction includes paintball, go karts and bumper boats, but Choi believes the loss of drive-by traffic is going to have a big impact on his business.

Business was slow last summers, said Choi, and he doubts he'll bother opening next summer.