RCMP seized pot from woman's bra, court hears

A 19-year-old Charlottetown woman pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana in a Summerside court Wednesday, admitting that 49.5 grams of pot police found under the front seat of her car and in her bra in September were hers.

It was not a typical drug bust for RCMP patrolling P.E.I.'s Confederation Bridge.

Earlier this fall, officers arrested 19-year-old Laura Miranda Landry for possession of marijuana after they found 49.5 grams of pot under the front seat of her car and in her bra.

Landry of Charlottetown, pleaded guilty to the drug charge Wednesday in provincial court in Summerside, the Summerside Journal Pioneer reported.

Landry was in a car crossing Confederation Bridge on Sept. 28 when the car was stopped by police. An officer smelled marijuana and asked whether there was any in the car.

Landry and two other women in the vehicle admitted there was some under the front passenger seat, and Landry said it was hers, the court heard.

Landry was arrested. On the way to the police station, the officer could still smell marijuana. She asked about the source of the smell, and Landry pulled another bag of drugs from her bra.

Landry was ordered to pay $500, plus a $75 victim surcharge.