Nova Scotia RCMP are asking local antique collectors on P.E.I. to help identify more than a thousand artifacts that they believe were stolen.

Last week police seized items from John Mark Tillman's home just outside Halifax. It's believed the items were stolen over decades from across the region. Last weekend police spoke with some Island collectors attending an auction in Halifax.

"There were quite a few artifact collectors from P.E.I., you know, basically talk to them and say, 'Heads up. We need your assistance. Go to our site and we will be posting pictures of artifacts for probably months to come,'" said Sgt. Al LeBlanc of Nova Scotia RCMP.

"What we are trying to do, obviously, is to reunite, for lack of a better word, these objects with their rightful owners."

LeBlanc said RCMP are being swamped with calls from antique collectors, he expects it will take more than a year for the case to be settled.