Organizers of the Junior A National Hockey Championships in Summerside, P.E.I. are tallying up the economic impact of the week-long tournament.

The Summerside Western Capitals lost to the Brooks Bandits 3-1 in the RBC Cup final game. It was a disappointing loss for the home team, but a big win for the home town. 

More than 25,000 tickets were sold over the last week and many of the city’s hotels were booked.

Organizers said the tournament added about $2 million to the city's economy.

"It's certainly a big impact, it's a shoulder season, it gets everyone open and you know ready for the season a little bit earlier. It certainly helps the tourism industry for sure as a whole across the whole Island," said event chair J.P. Desrosiers.

The top five teams from around the country battled all week at Credit Union Place.

About 4,200 people watched the final game, setting a new RBC Cup record.