Several organic baby cereals have been recalled by Loblaws. (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is warning people that some President's Choice Organics baby food may be rancid.

Loblaws, which distributes the PC infant cereal products through its national grocery store chain, has recalled some of the baby food.

The products were made with mixed grains, oat, rice and wheat, and were sold across the country.

Consumers should check the cereal for a rancid smell, CFIA is advising.

If the cereal smells off or has an unusual odour, you should stop using it. 

If your baby has already eaten any of these products, watch for nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Go to a doctor if you have concerns.

Affected products

Product Size UPC
Mixed Grains with Apple (add water) 227 g 060383 005511

Oat cereal (add breast milk or infant formula)

227 g 060383 005535
Oat Cereal (add water) 227 g 060383 005528
Rice Cereal with Banana (add water) 227 g 060383 005542
Rice Cereal (add breast milk or infant formula) 227 g 060383 005566
Rice Cereal (add water) 227 g 060383 005559
Wheat Cereal (add water) 227 g 060383 005573
Wheat Cereal with Mixed Fruit (add water) 227 g 060383 005580