For the second year the Muslim Society of P.E.I. celebrating Ramadan with a food drive.

Volunteers are collecting food and money for families in need, and delivering food baskets every night during the month of Ramadan.

Ramadan started on Saturday.

During Ramadan Muslims fast from dawn to dusk. One of the reasons is so they can better understand and feel compassion for those who have less than they do. Thirteen-year-old Yasmine Saleh plans to deliver food this year.

"I think it's important that we can help out people that are less fortunate and don't have the stuff that we do," said Saleh.

"Ramadan is a month about being compassionate towards others,"

Last year volunteers fed about 300 people. The Muslim Society hopes to exceed that this year. It is collecting donations at the Masjid Dar as-Salam Mosque until July 26.