Two P.E.I. filmmakers are on the hunt for Islanders' childhood memories of the old Rainbow Valley amusement park, which they plan to pull together for a documentary.

Rainbow Valley, which closed in 2005, was at the centre of family vacations and the childhood of Islanders for almost 40 years. The site is now owned by Parks Canada. Known as Cavendish Grove, it is a series of nature trails.

When Patrick Callbeck and Alexis Bulman walk around Cavendish Grove, in their minds they can still see what used to be.

"This was the entrance and exit to Rainbow Valley. It was a big castle in the middle of this walkway," recalled Callbeck on a trip to the old site Monday.


When Patrick Callbeck and Alexis Bulman walk around Cavendish Grove, they can still see Rainbow Valley. (CBC)

Callbeck and Bulman are looking to share those memories, and the memories of many others, in a documentary film.

"This idea of nostalgia just kind of came over us when we were walking around this park last summer," said Bulman.

"We just thought that like if we're feeling this much nostalgia then surely when we start this campaign hopefully all the Islanders will feel that too."

Callbeck believes a lot of Islanders share his childhood love of the place.

"I came here every year as an elementary school kid just like everyone else on P.E.I."

"It was just a magical place that looking back seems to exist in another world.

The two filmmakers are asking Islanders for their memories, pictures and home videos of Rainbow Valley. They're hoping for some money too through an Indiegogo campaign.

"We're currently at almost $1500," said Bulman.

"Our goal for the campaign is to raise $3000 to pay for equipment rentals, and gas money, and our time."

Callbeck and Bulman will continue filming and fundraising all summer. The documentary should be finished and posted online in the fall.