A record rainfall on Tuesday provided some relief for the Winter River watershed, Charlottetown's main water source.

Charlottetown saw 40.2 mm of rain, a record for July 23.

According to Environment Canada data, water levels at Union Road in the Winter River watershed were at a quarter of a metre before the rain, and rose to a third of a metre afterwards. Water levels this July are about equal to what they were in July 2012, when a drought began in May.

The city of Charlottetown implemented seasonal water restrictions on June 1, reminding people not to waste water.

On Tuesday volunteers with the Winter River Watershed Association were scooping up trout, one bucket at a time, from isolated sections of streams in the watershed. This is the first time the group has relocated fish this way. They're trying to save them before water levels get so low they die, or they get picked up by raccoons or herons.

The group will be out again Wednesday with provincial officials continuing to rescue fish.