Heavy rain in Charlottetown Sunday led to the cancellation of many planned events outside, but big crowds still turned out for the city's Winter Fun Fest.

"We had a lot of indoor activities going from swimming to bowling to puppet plays," said deputy mayor Stu MacFadyen.


The festival sleighs were left idle due to the weather. (CBC)

The storm continued Monday with cold winds and snow, but indoor venues for the free festival were still busy.

Winter Fun Fest was put together by the city to replace the Jack Frost Festival. Jack Frost ran for nine years in the city, drawing not only local residents but filling hotels and restaurants with people from around the region. But when its organizer, Tourism Charlottetown, got out of the business of event management, no replacement organizer could be found.

Winter Fun Fest was never meant to replace Jack Frost as a tourism draw, but city council wanted some sort of event.

"A lot of families can't afford to go to a Jack Frost," said MacFadyen.

"The beauty of this is that all of our citizens are able to come and enjoy winter time."

The Jack Frost Festival typically drew more than 15,000 people. Attendance estimates for Winter Fun Fest are between 5,000 and 7,000 people.

MacFadyen said the city hopes to put the festival on again next year.

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