Weather is putting a damper on one of P.E.I.’s biggest motorcycle rallies this weekend.

Atlanticade in Summerside usually draws thousands of people to the city, but the weekend's rain has deterred many.

Last year it drew 12,000 bikers, but this year only about 6,000 attended. Several weekend island tours were cancelled because of the low numbers.

Bikers from across Canada and the U.S. have turned out despite the weather. Organizers say it’s the Maritime bikers who have stayed home.

Dale Hicks chairs the rally. "When we see the forecast it's like six to seven months of planning and then four days of rain just kind of washes it all out — literally," he said. "When they are sitting at home in Moncton or Halifax and they're looking at the forecast and saying, 'Do I want to drive to P.E.I. in the rain?' Maybe not."

The skies cleared Sunday. Bikers will ride across the Confederation Bridge Sunday night before returning Monday for the last day of Atlanticade.