A P.E.I. student brought home bronze from the national science fair for his project on finding the best food for Mini Rex show rabbits.

Robert Larsen, a grade nine Summerside Intermediate student, raises rabbits for 4-H competitions. His project looked at the fluctuations in weight gain in rabbits eating six different types of food.

He wanted to determine which food helped bunnies best maintain their weight, and was also the cheapest to buy.

"When we have show rabbits, they need to be a certain weight at certain ages," said Larsen.

"I took the rabbits from the litter at six weeks of age, and I fed the six rabbits six different brand names of rabbit feed. And then once a week I would weigh the rabbits on a scale. I found out that Shur-Gain is the most consistent feed when seeing weight gains in young rabbits. I also found that it was also the most cost-effective."

Larsen is considering contacting the Shur-Gain company with his research results.