When Prince Charles and Camilla arrived on P.E.I. Monday night, their first public event featured local actor Wade Lynch performing an impersonation of Queen Elizabeth.

There was some negative reaction on social media when the plan was announced a week before the event, and grumblings continued after the show. By Wednesday morning, national media had picked up the story.

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P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz said he first heard that island actor Wade Lynch would be playing the Queen last Wednesday.  

He said he asked the protocol people if this was the proper thing to do and said they informed him that it had gone through all the proper procedures for getting approval.

"So I wasn't going to question those procedures. But I guess hindsight is 20/20," he said. "But I can say this that the Royal couple was classy throughout the whole event and it was never raised."

There has been no word from Prince Charles or any of his representatives since Monday night, but Clarence House did approve the script before it was performed.

It is difficult to find anyone with something positive to say about it on social media. Then again, social media is not known to be the most positive of forums.

CBC's full video of the performance is posted above. What do you think? Do the royals appear upset? Does it offend you? Was it a bad idea from the start? Leave a comment below, or just click a quick vote in our poll.

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