UEPI students debate the province's abortion policy. (CBC)

The debate over the P.E.I. government's access-to-abortion policy simmered at the University of Prince Edward Island Tuesday night.

About 18 people showed up to hear four speakers discuss the province's controversial policy.

Currently, abortions are not performed on the Island. Individuals seeking abortions must travel to a private clinic in Fredericton, N.B., or to a mainland hospital for the procedure.

Hospital abortions are paid for by the province, but travel expenses are not covered.

"It reconciles the fact that some people are supportive of abortion. Some people are against it," said political science student Jackson Doughart, who spoke in favour of the status quo.

"So I think that it tries to reconcile the difference of opinion on this controversial issue is a reason why it's defensible. "

Doughart said he would like to see one amendment to the current policy — access to abortion through the public health office for women whose pregnancy is life threatening.

Samatha Steele, a women's studies and political science student, opposes the fact that women can't get abortions on P.E.I.

"I think it's absolutely unacceptable. They should say this is a designated space and designated doctor that you can go to and we will allow abortion on P.E.I."

The event was organized by the UPEI political science society.