A partial clawback of benefits under the Registered Disability Savings Plan should stop, says P.E.I.'s official opposition.

The RDSP is a federal program that helps those with disabilities save for the future.

The Department of Community Services claws back benefits beyond a certain dollar amount.

Most provinces have declared RDSP income as exempt.

Doug Roper, who has cerebral palsy, has an RDSP.

He was at Province House to hear debate on the issue Thursday, and didn't like what he heard.

"It did not impress me any at all. In fact it annoyed me more, what I was hearing. They've had two years now to do something with this program and they're not, like they're just dragging their feet," said Roper.

Roper was also in the House in December 2012 when MLAs gave unanimous support to a motion calling for an end to the clawback.

That didn't happen.

Thursday's Opposition motion passed, but only after government removed the word immediate from the clause calling for action.