A group opposed to a Trans-Canada Highway realignment west of Charlottetown plans to keep an around-the-clock presence at the construction site through the winter.

The camp will include several teepees.

"I think the plan is a big one," said Catherine Russell, who has been protesting against the project, but will not join the winter camp.

"They are going to have a fireplace in the middle and have cots and benches and a big common area. They want to get another more solid structure out there too so they can keep some food, plus the tents."

Russell said there is a core group of five or six people who will keep the camp occupied.   "There are people that have definitely decided that it is important to maintain a presence there. And they are in the process of looking for more equipment and gear so they can stay all winter," she said.

One of the individuals at the camp asked transportation officials if they could have some of the small saplings that came down on the construction site for the teepees, and they were given approval.

Russell expects protesters remaining at the site will take turns staying through the night.